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Being involved in a motorbike accident whether relatively minor or serious has the ability to quickly and permanently change your life. Whether you have incurred injuries that will prevent you from working in the capacity you’re used to or have had to take time off work to recover, our remit at Bentley Solicitors is to ensure that you receive the compensation that will assist you in supporting yourself and your family.

Regardless of the injury you have suffered, we recommend getting in touch with us as soon as possible to begin your motorbike injury claim in Ely or Crewe. Motorcycle accidents can be particularly traumatic so it’s important that we start gathering evidence as soon as possible so that you can concentrate on your recovery.

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Falling victim to a motorbike accident can be immensely traumatising; not only can the physical injuries be severe, but your emotional and financial stability can also quickly deteriorate. That’s why it’s important to start the process of making your motorbike accident claim quickly. Our solicitors will begin by assessing the impact of the injury with regard to your work and ability to support yourself and your family.

You’ll be in constant contact with your motorbike accident claim specialist, who will keep you fully informed of how your claim is progressing. To find out if you have a claim, our motorbike accident solicitors can help you by listening to your experience and using our expertise to advise you on your next steps - get started by calling our office today.

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The amount of compensation you are entitled to will depend on the extent of your injuries and how they have impacted your life. An injury that requires a long recovery period which prevents you from working in addition to incurring a variety of related expenses will usually be awarded more compensation than an injury that heals quickly and causes no lasting effects.

In addition, adaptions to your home or long-term support required due to your injuries will usually be awarded greater levels of compensation. To discuss the claims process in greater detail or to receive the answers to any questions you may have, call us today to speak to a member of our team.

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After getting the details of your accident, we’ll assess your compensation options. Your compensation is negotiated to cover the financial, physical and emotional impact of your injury, meaning the figure of your compensation is entirely dependent on your situation.

To ascertain how much compensation you’re entitled to, our motorbike solicitors factor in these details:

  • Your loss of earnings because of the injury
  • Any expenses such as travel
  • Prescriptions
  • Changes to your home
  • Any loss of part-time activities such as recreational sport

Can You Make a Motorbike Accident Claim?

To make a motorbike accident claim, the accident should have been caused by someone else. This may be another road user or it could be the result of the condition of the road, such as potholes, rough surfaces or faulty light systems.

Technically, you have three years from the date of your accident to make a claim. However, if you’ve suffered a brain injury and are no longer considered to have the mental capacity to make decisions about claiming, then you could have a longer time threshold.

We know no amount of money can make up for the changes your injury has caused to your life. However, compensation can provide you with the financial support to begin your recovery. If you want to talk to a motorbike accident claim specialist, please call us today or come to our offices in Crewe or Ely. Our two offices are conveniently located for those in Stoke, North Staffordshire, South Cheshire, Cambridge and Cambridgeshire.

Bentley Solicitors: Specialists in Motorcycle Accident Claims in Crewe and Ely

The first step to making a successful claim is in gathering as much detail surrounding the event as possible. There will need to be a third party who is responsible for the accident, whether another motorist or the presence of poor road conditions such as broken surfaces or potholes which are the responsibility of the local authority of the area in which you live in the UK.

We can assist you with all motorbike accident claims in Ely or Crewe so contact us today by phone or by email to commence your claim. Once we have the details of your case, we will notify the third party who is subject to the claim and update you every step of the way.

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