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Accidents at Work Solicitors in Cheshire & Cambridge


Thankfully accidents at work are a lot less now than they were in the past.  

There are a number of health and safety regulations that companies have to comply with to protect their employees.  These are sometimes ignored and an injury happens.   Such accidents can also happen from simple human error – oil on the floor spilt but not cleaned up, or a machinery guard that has not been secured properly. 

An important principle is that of vicarious liability, so an employer is responsible for the actions of its employee provided they were working in the course of their employment.  For example, someone driving a forklift truck into another worker.

Another difficulty that is more common these days is actions suffered by or caused by agency workers or those in the “gig” economy.  In such cases we can advise who the claim should be properly brought against.

Work claims can be the hardest of claims for an injured person to deal with because they are faced with a claim against their employer.  Emotionally they can also be worse because not only has a person been injured, but often they lose pay when they are off sick and recovering and that adds insult and financial hardship to injury.

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