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Sports Injury Solicitors in Cheshire & Cambridge

If your sports injury is found to be the result of an error of judgement on your part, or the general physicality of a contact sport such as football or rugby, then the court will generally reject such a claim.

However, if a case of negligence is involved on the part of the referee, another player, or individuals responsible for the upkeep of sporting facilities, then you may be eligible to make a claim.

The following situations could result in a successful sports injury claim:
⦁    A referee was negligent in their duty to prevent situations posing unnecessary risks to players.
⦁    A trainer or manager did not provide appropriate supervision, resulting in injury.
⦁    Sports equipment or facilities had developed dangerous defects due to poor maintenance.
⦁    Another player demonstrated extreme recklessness or dangerous conduct.
⦁    A formal sports trainer gave incorrect sporting advice or direction, resulting in an injury.
⦁    Spectator accidents

If your sports injury occurred as a result of any of the above situations, or even if you simply suspect that negligence was directly responsible for your injury, contact us as soon as possible for a free, no obligation chat on 01270 509800 or 01353 865 333. If you would prefer us to call you, complete our online enquiry form.

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