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Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) Claims in Cheshire & Cambridge

The Motor Insurers Bureau or MIB, is an organisation supported by insurers, and paid for by vehicle owners who obtain insurance. Its purpose is to act as ‘insurer of last resort’, and to compensate innocent accident victims in their traffic accident claims against uninsured, or untraced, motorists.

MIB claims are made on a similar basis as for other traffic accidents. It is the claimant’s job to submit their claim in time and prove it. The purpose of the MIB is to put the innocent victim in a similar position as he would have been had the other driver been properly insured.

Which MIB claims do you deal with?

The MIB will deal with not only accidents involving cars but also, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians. We will advise on the particular circumstances surrounding traffic accident claims involving uninsured drivers (where the driver can be identified, but did not have insurance), and untraced drivers claims (where the driver cannot be identified but it can be proved that the accident occurred).

The MIB have some complex rules when it comes to claiming accident compensation. It is important that you speak to one of our accident claims experts as soon as possible after the accident to ensure that your claim is protected.

What MIB claims can I make?

The MIB have to compensate you as if there was a valid insurance policy in place in uninsured claims. This means that, provided you comply with the MIB’s terms, you are entitled to claim for personal injury, loss of earnings and other reasonably incurred out of pocket expenses. You may also be entitled to damages for vehicle repairs and vehicle hire, depending on the circumstances.

In untraced driver claims the entitlement to claim is similar but the rules on what you have to do and what you are entitled to recover differ. For example, in certain circumstances. you are not entitled to claim for property damage and your claim is subject to a £400 excess.

The good news is that you can always make personal injury claims with the MIB under either agreement provided they are sufficiently serious and that you deal with matters correctly when reporting to the police and submit your claim in time.

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