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Falling Down

Slips, Trips and Fall Solicitors in Cheshire & Cambridge

Slips, trips and falls are all too common, and can happen to you anywhere, at any time. They can often be embarrassing, but in the worst cases they can cause serious injuries, with symptoms that could affect you for years after the accident.

While in public places, such as supermarkets and restaurants, or while walking on pavements, you have a legal right to be safe.

if your injury has caused you to have to take time off work or pay medical expenses – in addition to your injury, you might also be under financial pressure.

We’re here to help you start a claim, so you can get the compensation that you are entitled to.

Call us on 01270 509800 or 01353 865 333.  If you would prefer us to call you, complete our online enquiry form.

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