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Serious Injury Solicitors in Cheshire & Cambridge

Serious injuries can be caused by a catastrophic incident or by something as simple as stepping in a hole.  All it needs is the right (or wrong) combination of events and being in the wrong place at the wrong time and a calamity occurs.

If you have suffered a serious injury seek assistance immediately.  It does not matter how the injury was caused but commencing a claim early can have benefits beyond recovering any money you may have lost.

The most important thing to start early is rehabilitation.  This means the recovery from the injuries.  Sometimes this is well in hand via the NHS or even your own doctor.  But, if the injuries are very nasty it is possible to ask the other side to fund rehabilitation.  This is funded at no cost to you regardless of the outcome of any claim.  The benefit of this is that you get help faster and at no cost to the NHS.  It can make a big difference in a person’s recovery.

As well as that, steps need to be taken to ensure that financially you are helped as much as possible. This can mean looking at any insurance policies you have or considering if any benefits may be available to you, for example if you are left disabled following a work accident you can claim Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit.

If you do bring a claim you must also be prepared for your claim to last for quite some time.  This is because the duration of a claim can be affected by the length of a person’s recovery.  If operations are needed, or therapy will take a long time, we may not be able to assess any financial losses until we know what the final outcome will be.

There is something else that can be just as important, and that is relationships with families or friends.  Suffering a serious injury is a very stressful thing.  As well as living in pain, there are the restrictions on what a person can do and often money worries on top of that.  It is very important to understand how a serious injury can affect everyone around you and that it is normal for the suffering to spread beyond the person who was injured.

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